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Please join us as we begin our new journey using an integrated, accessible, affordable “TEAM" approach from the HEART of Wellness 

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By sharing our wisdom, experience and hope for: “what we want, what works, & who offers what” we can help one another to achieve a new vision of healthcare where the focus is on prevention and reversing chronic illness by treating the root cause.


The Missing Peace

Sandra J Picard FNP-BC takes the time to listen to her patients and puts together the whole picture using the Living Matrix Assessment a timeline of your story and foundation of wellness (nutrition, sleep, activity, stress, relationships) combined with an Integrated Blood Chemistry and other specialized testing and biomarkers to determine if you need to Rebalance, Restore, Rebuild, Reduce inflammation or Remove toxins to Reverse Chronic Disease, through lifestyle modification, quarterly PLIPPing detox opportunities and Renew Health. Using a “TEAM” approach with group visits with other experts and patients from the HEART she will help you create an individual, personalized 12 month plan to “Obtain” and “Maintain” the picture of health you are looking for. 

Emotional / Spiritual

Emotion Code

Marianne Winnett focuses on removing stuck energy from your body. Availability: by appointment. 

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Aroma Touch

 Phyllis Kenny treats you to a relaxing, therapeutic session with AromaTouch Technique by doTERRA.

Connecting.SENSES is a clinical approach using essential oils and simple hand movements on the back, neck, head and feet to assist the body in returning it to its natural state of balance. 

Connecting.SOUL session focuses on soul alignment. You will be guided through a series of deep relaxation methods and using an intuitive process, assisting you in retrieving the information you seek. The information that is brought forward can help you clarify your direction and give you new perspective. We’ll conclude with an angel blessing and some individual tools to assist you in how you want to incorporate this information.

Price: Connecting.SENSES ~ $50.00 (45-60 minutes) Connecting.SOUL ~ $111 (90-120 minutes) By appointment.

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The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and the body. 

All levels welcome. 

Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:30pm 

$50/6 sessions, $20/2 sessions, or $12 drop in

Instructor: Nancy Martin 

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Original Fitness

Modern life for most of us consists of too much sitting and stress, a lack of natural movement and exercise or work that involves repetitive movement. The solution is: body alignment – joint restoration – natural movement. 

  • Group Class > Thurs., 5:15pm - 6:15pm ($50/6sessions, $20/sessions, $12 drop in) 
  • Individual Sessions > by appt. Thurs., 12:00 - 4:00pm (Personal - $35/hour)

Instructor: Carole Crawford

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Access to cutting edge information, quarterly group meetings, blogs, social connections for only $10/month


Essential Oils

 Charlene Rackliff leads Monthly group and individual wellness consultations.  

Price & Availability: Group Class Second Tuesday of the month, beginning 2/13 (5-8pm) 

Individual Consults - Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings by appointment. 

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Stress Reliance Training

The Empowerment Model -  Stress is the body’s reaction to a real or perceived threat. This one hour training will review the stress response, explore stress triggers and learn how to become empowered and resilient to stress. It is a brief introduction to the Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the impact of stress through the mind-body connection and will explore tools for becoming more resilient.

Facilitated by: Jeri Stevens PhD, LCPC & Nancy Martin CWC

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Massage Therapy

 Laura Wheeler is an experienced therapist who knows therapeutic massage can be an essential tool in helping your body overcome chronic pain/injury or stress. Her massages types include: Clinical/Deep Tissue, Full Relaxation, and Pregnancy

Price: $60/60minutes 

Access Renewal Health

 Ariel Wilcox. Our insight is powered by deep background in science, observation, experimentation, measurement and experience in assisting tissue recovery. Our tools were invented to guide and validate the findings of our hands and senses.They solve the need for objective accuracy and specificity. Our methods tap healing resources, with the goal of full recovery. Our modalities activate and support the successful processes.    

Price: variable  

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